Photo by Hayley Richardson Photography.

“Eventually everyone begins to recognise, however dimly, that there must be a better way.  As this recognition, becomes more firmly established, it becomes a turning point” - A Course in Miracles.

In 2014, I was working as a family lawyer in Sydney, Australia.  I had just qualified as a lawyer after many years studying and working in the legal industry.

My 18 year old “dream” of becoming a lawyer had finally been realised and yet I had finally realised that this was no longer my dream at all. 

I don’t know where this realisation first came from. I thought I enjoyed the stress. I enjoyed the work.  I enjoyed the responsibility.  And as much as I kept telling myself that, it did not ease my feeling of unfulfillment. It did not stop me from seeking happiness through instant gratification (over-drinking, over-eating, over-socialising and over-working) and distracting myself from my true feelings.

Why did being successful in my career make me feel like a failure?

My real motivators have always been (and still are) that I wanted to help people and make a meaningful contribution to the world to make it a better place. But I was not living a life aligned with my true values and desires and so I felt lost, without direction, without any purpose, like I was nothing.

In the midst of all of this, my partner suggested we should make the overseas move we had always dreamed about. Scared, but excited, knowing this might be a chance to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I said yes!

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The universe will sometimes provide the direction you need and this was the first step. I said yes and found myself open to looking to ways to change my life. As I prepared to start this new phase of my life, I became frightened and anxious. Some health concerns flared up, but this actually led to one of my most important steps on my journey of discovery as a friend recommended a podcast called The Lively Show to help me with what I was going through (check out my interview with Jess here).

 Our darkest moments, can be the best opportunities for change.  

I was so taken with this show that I set about listening to all other episodes and was introduced to a plethora of possibilities that I had never considered. My curiosity was piqued by this online world of entrepreneurship, mentorship and coaching and it was here that my love (obsession!) for learning about alternative lifestyles, health & wellness, personal development and philosophy began.

This spark, gave me the confidence to start imagining life outside my current life. I knew by then that the corporate world was not for me, but I wasn't ready to make that leap yet. Within a few months I moved to the other side of the world, left life as a lawyer and was determined to discover my purpose. 

This time I took a role as a consultant. Although, I adored coaching lawyers through their career moves, I knew that corporate life was not the best place for me. I was hungry for freedom, for independence and for my own purpose-driven, conscious business. 

Moving away from my friends and family and everything I had known, although challenging, was actually a fantastic opportunity.  I had never realised how my time and way of thinking had come from people around me, rather than from my own values and desires.

For the first time, I began to consider what my values were and understood that achieving traditional markers of success, like becoming a lawyer, are not what bring you happiness. I began to understand the power of environment and the energy of those you spend your time with. 

I adopted many useful tools to feel better (like appreciation, choosing my thoughts and feelings, meditation) and connect me with my purpose (like looking at what I enjoyed doing as a child, bringing more pleasure into my life, connecting with my inner guidance and understanding my unique skills and abilities). 

Each day I followed my curiosity, becoming interested, passionate and alive again. I focussed on becoming a more loving person, surrounding myself with people who inspired me and bringing as much joy as possible into my life. 

Photo by Hayley Richardson Photography.

Photo by Hayley Richardson Photography.

In 2016, I felt a clarity and excitement that I had not experienced in my adult life. As if overnight, everything became clear to me: I was going to help people create a life they love, a life they enjoy and a life they felt inspired by. 

I decided now was the time to take that big, brave step to TRANSITION FROM CORPORATE TO CREATIVE AND TO START MY very OWN ONLINE purpose-driven, conscious BUSINESS.  

I cannot begin to explain just how thankful I am to my past self for making this decision! 

Yes, it was scary as hell. Yes, I have had moments of doubt, of challenge, but I have also never experienced the joy, happiness, meaning & zest for life that I have today.

I got everything I wanted and more. 

I believe the more people we have living a life they love, enjoy and that they feel inspired by – the more we improve the world and make it a better place.  When people are happy, joyful and contributing to the world in a way that matters to them, the more loving we are to ourselves and each other.  Peace.

Now I have fallen in love with myself and because of that I am able to give my love to others… and receive love.  Instead of dimming my light, I am now able to shine it brightly and by doing so, reflect all the light around me.  That is my purpose.  That is why I am here. And this website is a space for me to share that light and I hope that by doing so I am able to reflect the light within you.  

Lots of Love,