CLB 015 : rebecca jacobs - self discovery through style

Have you ever thought about using your style to find out more about who you are as a person?

When you think of style, do you think of it as being an expression of who you are on the inside?

Welcome to episode 15 on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, Leticia is speaking with Personal Stylist, Rebecca Jacobs about her journey to doing the work she does in the world today with Style in Alignment.

“we are told to do style from a place of how we look... but my question is... what would it look like ... if my outside was just a true extension and expression of my inside.”

Rebecca works with women committed to a thriving life to help them stop settling in their style. Through one-on-one styling, speaking, and online group programs, Rebecca is on a mission to change the way we do style—helping more people step out of the pressure and expectations of how they “should” look, and step into their most alive and expressed self.

Rebecca first began her career in graphic design, before realising that she really had  no idea who she was.  She then went on a journey of self discovery, using style as her gateway.

This episode is perfect for anyone who just feels like they are living in performance mode or people pleasing and are worried that they have no idea who they really are.  This episode will give you a new, fun & exciting perspective on self-discovery.... via your style!

in this episode, find out about:

  • Style and how to move from inauthentic to authentic when it comes to what you wear

  • Why style is so important  to the way we feel and how we show up in the world

  • The link between what we wear and how we feel

  • People pleasing and living in performance mode when it comes to style

  • The quickest way to find yourself

  • The biggest fear she sees around style is looking like we tried too hard or that doing it wrong

  • The way Rebecca defines confidence  

  • What happens when you go from being a spectator to a participant

  • Redefining failure

.... AND so much more!

“if you show up as you, you are going to get where you need to go”

“when truly committed to ourselves we can't fail”

“it is about how you feel above the risk of getting a negative reaction from someone”

- rebecca jacobs

show notes

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