In this SOLO episode, Leticia is providing her tips for dating, romantic relationships & attracting a life partner.

"We need to take full responsibility for the people we are attracting into our life."

Before my relationship with Llew, I was doing it all WRONG when it came to trying to find not only a partner, but a long term sustainable relationship with someone loyal, genuine, loving, caring & committed to me.

I also learnt a ton about dysfunctional & functional relationships through my previous work as a family lawyer.

It was only once I approached my dating life differently that everything changed.

Everyone deserves a beautiful, loving, caring & long term relationship with a partner - there IS your person waiting there for you.  Find out how to find them & make sure it lasts in this episode! 

in this episode, find out about:

  • Leticia's experience when it comes to romantic relationships 
  • Some of the main mistakes Leticia people make when it comes to how we approach the dating game & our romantic relationships
  • Leticia's journey to attracting a life partner
  • Some key steps that you can start today to consciously attract a romantic life partner. 

"What relationship will be sustainable.  What sort of relationship stands the test of time?"

"We want someone trusting, which means yep you’ve guessed it - we need to be trusting."

"We have all these potential people to dance with, but no one wants to take the first move because they don’t want to be rejected or made a fool of."

- leticia ringe

show notes

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