Today we have the finale for season 1 of the Create a life that is Beautiful Podcast. Thank you so much for your support on this journey. I love + appreciate every single one of you! And today we are ending with a bang!  

“there is so much strength in softness”

Today on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, Leticia is speaking with Life Coach, Beautiful You Coaching Academy Trainer, Women's Circle Facilitator & Reiki Practitioner - Sammie Fleming all about her journey to doing the sacred work she does today on the divine feminine. 

“the importance and the power of feminine energy is being seen and recognised at a rapid rate.”

The divine feminine is the source of power that exists within all of us rooted in being.  Every single person, regardless of gender, has access to this beautiful energy.  When we balance this energy with our masculine energy we have a perfect system set up for our success.

If you are interested in exploring these topics further, please check out my online course, Embrace Your Feminine Essence which takes you through the different aspects to feminine energy & the divine feminine and how we can integrate those into our everyday life and with our masculine energy. 

“you can access and love both of them.”

We discuss how women have a natural affinity to these qualities, but for many of us they have been suppressed or forgotten.  Our natural feminine cycle holds both of these energies and we talk about how no matter where you are at in your life cycle, whether you are menstruating or not, you still have access to this cyclical power. 

“every woman experiences what it is to be a cyclical woman and that looks different for all of us”

We also talk about the power of sisterhood, community, connection & collaboration and the magic of the women's circle. I had the pleasure of attending one of Sammie's circles earlier this year and it was SO incredible. She is a beautiful example of a woman in her power. 

“it’s a really powerful experience to be in a space which is completely non-judgmental, set up for connection and sharing and love and to be completely accepted just as you are.”

in this episode, find out about:

  • Sammie's story to doing the work she doing in the world today as a life coach, women's circle facilitator + reiki practitioner. 
  • The divine feminine - what it means and why it's important
  • Living as a cyclical woman, regardless of where you are in your life cycle
  • Drawing from both your masculine and feminine energies 
  • What a woman in her power means to Sammie
  • The magic of sisterhood and women's circle
  • Sammie's tips for finding purpose 

“i see women take to sisterhood and magic really naturally”

“if you feel the pull towards something allow yourself to explore that”

“we are not in that space of comparing or tearing each other down, we are in the space of lifting each other UP”

“generally almost every single time everyone just wants you to be happy”


“curiosity is what leads you to passion” 


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