Below is some love from some of the gorgeous people I have had the pleasure of working with.  These testimonials will help you decide whether working with me is the right kind of support you need. I truly adore every single one of these beautiful people! 


It was such a pleasure to work with Leticia.

“She truly is a warm soul and made me feel comfortable right away.

Through her coaching, I was able to gain clarity around my purpose and gain the confidence to start pursuing my dreams.

If you have any fears, upper limit problems, money blocks or you just need an extra push to take massive action then I highly recommend Leticia to help you break through the clutter.

Thank you, Leticia, for inspiring me to live a life that is truly aligned with who I am."

- Mashell R.


This kind of information should be taught in schools!

"I feel privileged to have been part of the first round of Leticia's Embrace Your Feminine Essence course. In four weeks (which flew by!) I learnt so much about how I can support my creative work in accordance with my monthly cycle. I used to think I was a bit crazy because of how much my mood would vary throughout the month and would beat up on myself for not having lots of consistent energy to get things done. 

Leticia's very detailed and well-structured course emphasises that men and women are vastly different when it comes to taking action and that we shouldn't feel ashamed for needed space or rest - in fact it's crucial for our success! 

I'd recommend this course in a heartbeat for anyone who like myself, relied far too much on their masculine energy and is looking to take a deep dive in all things feminine. This kind of information should be taught in schools! Thanks Leticia for all you are doing :)." 

- Ella Ryder www.ellaryder.com

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“The best thing I did for myself is getting a coach, and finding Leticia is such a present, her crossing my online path was totally ‘random’,  so beautiful! 

Leticia has this special combination of very real, undivided and loving attention. It’s clear her love for her work and clients isn’t ‘work’, it’s from her heart.  I can feel she is constantly working on herself too, growing, using the tools she offers herself, and she has the amazing ability to share it, to find the right words to explain things,  while constantly breathing from her whole being that she knows what she's talking about. Leticia SHINES and that's so inspiring!

She has the ability to 'connect the dots': to filter out the essence to focus on from the myriad of things going on in my life, and put them together in a totally new perspective.

Since the start of my coaching journey I've started opening up, writing more, sending out regular blogposts, becoming more visible in several ways. My inner world is much calmer, I'm more confident, and much more easily able to pick up myself at those moments when I’m not!

The biggest change I've witnessed in myself after working with Leticia for all together over a year now is real awareness. It’s a combination of honesty (towards myself) and clarity! ‘Knowing' things is one thing, but really seeing and feeling is another layer. This awareness comes in many directions, very clear in self-care and self-love, and a new belief that it doesn't have to be THAT big to make myself more visible :)

Having a coach for a year might seem long, but still with every call I make HUGE steps and the value of having 1 to 1 time dedicated to my own growth is indescribable.” - Ilsabeth, K.S www.in-je-element.nl


I feel empowered! I feel acknowledged and validated! 

“When I first started working with Leticia, I had started my passion project website (a coaching business!) and was transitioning into a new role with my corporate job. 

I was struggling to integrate both masculine and feminine energy. I wanted to learn more about both and how I can use them in harmony and not constantly at conflict with one another. I was also eager to really explore what my purpose in life is...

I loved that Leticia had been in corporate and found her path to what lights her up. I really resonated with her journey and was so inspired I wanted to learn more from her!

After coaching with Leticia & doing her EYFE course, I left with a new perspective on how I can use my talents with my coaching clients. I am much more aware of my gremlins, limiting beliefs and when my ego is flaring up. I don't attach to the stories that my brain likes to create, it's a practice but I think I have really awakened my inner observer and allow myself to PAUSE and then respond as opposed to react. I can feel this shift in my marriage, my career and definitely my inner world.

Leticia, you are such a joy to partner with. I really felt empowered in our space together and appreciate the new perspectives you shared in regards to what is mine to do in this world. Your warm and natural style is so refreshing and I look forward to working with you more in the future.”

If you had to describe your coaching experience in 3 words, what would they be? Fun. Inspiring. Educational. 

Who would you recommend coaching for? Honestly, anyone and everyone!

Julie Allison https://www.perspectives.coach/

Photography by  Aneta Michniak

Photography by Aneta Michniak

It's like having a lucky charm in your pocket!

"Leticia is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. She radiates so much love and light and when you hop off the phone with her, you'll seriously have the most aligned and juicy day!

What I adore most about Leticia is that she is so real and human. When you talk to her, it's like you've been friends for years and you'll connect on soulful, heart-centered level. She's one of those people who just totally "gets it" and understands the journey - that's such a blessing to find.

Leticia is also an incredible cheerleader who truly supports other women in the most loving and supportive way. It's like having a lucky charm in your pocket! If you're considering working with Leticia, I'd recommend her in a heartbeat!"

- Kelly Trach www.kellytrach.com


I walked away feeling empowered and whole

"Joining EYFE was a real gift for me. The course is inspiring, uplifting and empowering.

It is packed with useful information and take aways, and Leticia holds the space beautifully in a very nurturing and feminine way.

Leticia definitely walks the talk and I walked away feeling empowered and whole, having noticed real tangible changes in the way I approach my business and life in general since.

I cannot recommend this course enough."

- Danielle Reeve

_Leticia is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. She radiates so much love and light and when you hop off the phone with you, you'll seriously have the most aligned and juicy day! What I adore most about Letici (2).png

I pursued one of my long-term passions!

“Throughout my coaching journey with Leticia, I grew the courage to overcome some longstanding fears that were preventing me from giving myself permission to pursue one of my long-term passions (cooking!) & turning it into more than just a hobby!

My proudest moment was when I came up with a vision, and an inspiring name for my website, and then again when I bought my domain name.

With Leticia’s encouragement and support, I also did something I never thought was possible which was to go sober for over 2 months now and counting. I am so glad that I did, and once I wrote down all of the reasons why I wanted to stop drinking and how it would benefit me, the list that I compiled was so much longer than I thought it would be.

At the beginning of our coaching journey, I was afraid and wanted to stay in my comfort zone. Leticia encouraged me to step out of my own way which was extremely liberating, and I found myself going from scared to really excited and inspired over the course of 3 months.

Going forward I feel really positive. I feel and believe that I can achieve my goals and the vision for myself that I have now created.  I now feel empowered that with having a plan of action, a vision and taking steps each week I will move closer towards my vision.”

- Sandra, P 



“It’s a course that is a positive and safe environment to learn and express feelings related to purpose and femininity. I found the content very interactive and informative.

I am still referring back to the course work now, and have continued to be involved with the group I did the course with. It’s great to have like minded women to bounce off and inspire each other.

Leticia is a wonderfully kind and passionate coach and her passion shows in how the course is delivered and the content provided.

Definitely recommend!”

- Brittany Cann

_Leticia is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. She radiates so much love and light and when you hop off the phone with you, you'll seriously have the most aligned and juicy day! What I adore most about Letici (1).png

We worked through issues I have been struggling with for years!

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with this amazing lady for the last 3 months. With Leticia’s wise words and coaching skills throughout our sessions, I’ve grown and learnt so much about myself than I thought possible. We worked through issues I have been struggling with for years and they’re no longer the huge burden they once were.

I feel light and focused. Im ready and excited to continue working on the goals and actions that we’ve set. Leticia helped me to see what is truly important for me to focus on and what it is I want from my career and life. She helped me set clear actions and intentions to start living a truly fulfilled life and to begin practicing what I preach to so many. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing up and allowing me to show up as the person I am in each of our sessions. I’ve been been more ready and excited to start a new year!”

- Christine, P 


I achieved self-love like I have never before!

“Leticia was and still is a very important part of my coaching. She helped me understand what self-love is, and how to improve my positive thinking. She reached out to me in ways I couldn’t help myself, and has really encouraged and influenced my life and future for the better.

My experience with Leticia has been incredible, heart-warming and most importantly has given me a new out-look on life and what is to come. Thank you!

I achieved self-love like I have never before. I feel more at ease with myself and my life. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me. I highly recommend working with Leticia to everyone.”

- Jamie, R

_Leticia is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. She radiates so much love and light and when you hop off the phone with you, you'll seriously have the most aligned and juicy day! What I adore most about Letici (1).png

What an inspiring workshop!

"Hello Amazing Leticia!

What an inspiring workshop! You offered a rich and multidimensional view of what it means to express your beautiful feminine in the world supported by the masculine. Thank you!

Leticia, I appreciated the clarity of your offering as well as hearing about your journey of finding work you love. The pace at which you delivered the information was perfectly suited to note taking as well as being able to consciously follow along with you. The offering inspired me and left me wanting to learn more from you."

- M, Myers


You helped me to create consistent change in my life!

"I am immensely grateful to have worked with you, Leticia. It's been so easy to open my heart to you and share my feelings, fears and dreams. You have created such a special space for me to open up and reveal what had to be revealed to be able to move forward.

Your coaching style is unique and you clearly care so much about your clients. I felt held and heard all the time. You helped me to create consistent change in my life and see things from a different perspective. You helped me to clearly see what I had to see when it comes to romantic relationships and I found hope again. Thank you.

One of the greatest changes I could noticed is this incredible love and acceptance for myself, for my story, for everything I have been through followed by this beautiful openness of heart and mind to move forward and create and attract what is truly mine. You certainly helped me so much with that and just writing about it now makes me go back to the feeling, revisit it and bring it back to now."

- Ange Severo www.angesevero.com

_Leticia is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. She radiates so much love and light and when you hop off the phone with you, you'll seriously have the most aligned and juicy day! What I adore most about Letici (2).png

I cannot thank Leticia and Kelly enough for all that they offered so beautifully, informatively, and compassionately!

"I liked MANY things about the workshop. The flow and ease between Kelly and Leticia as well as their unique gifts made the workshop even more beneficial. I also liked the clarity and simplicity with which the ideas were presented. I left with lots of essential information that I can build on for future reference.

The fact that both Leticia and Kelly have had real life experience with what they were discussing made a big difference making you feel you are not alone and do not have to be perfect. They also offered simple and essential tools for navigating the journey of taking the leap from a wholistic perspective. I truly benefitted from their offering.

I cannot thank Leticia and Kelly enough for all that they offered so beautifully, informatively, and compassionately. I felt that they each gave much to the workshop and inspired each of the participants to continue their journey knowing they will be supported. Thank you! Thank you so very much!"

Molly, M


Self love & acceptance and openness have been the biggest & most powerful changes I've experienced!

“Coaching with Leticia was an eye-opening experience. It taught me how to have a loving relationship with myself and how to support myself during difficult times, which I found invaluable. 

Before I started working with Leticia I had backed myself into a corner and this was making it extremely difficult for me to have clarity about life direction. I wanted to rebuild my sense of self and to develop an empowering mindset that would allow me to make the best life decisions for me. 

With Leticia’s support & guidance, I've developed the ability to listen to myself, accept my emotions and act according to what feels best. As the result of our work together, I'm much more at peace with myself and have the mental space I need to continue building myself up and growing as a person. I think self love & acceptance and openness are biggest changes I've experienced.”

- Irina Belsky 



This is the best e-course I’ve ever done! 

"I loved everything about the course. I loved the coaching calls and connecting with the group. I loved the videos that Leticia had created and all the beautiful, inspiring content. I decided to sign up for EYFE because I wanted to take action and wasn’t getting momentum behind my desires. 

EYFE has been an empowering, inspirational and beautiful experience! I recommend this course for anyone looking to harness their creative power, who loves self-development and who wants to live a beautiful life.

My favourite module ended up being module 3 ‘We Gain Control When We Relinquish Control’. It really highlighted how important Trust is to me, and has meant a big mindset shift for me. My friends and family have noticed me taking more space for myself. Previously I did do this, but would end up filling it with social activity, leaving no space for working on my creative projects.

The biggest changes for me so far have been the mindset shifts, I’m taking action and have noticed I’m more decisive. This is because I’m listening to my intuition and trust that my choices in the moment are good ones, rather than second guessing.  I have felt more space in my life & relationships and have felt more accepting of myself and others. 

This content is timeless and I will keep diving back in. Leticia, you really inspire me and others and your work is so important. You’re elevating the world. Thank you!"

- Lowri Drakley



Working with Leticia was a fun & exciting experience that has brought me a lot of relief! 

“I recommend coaching with Leticia to anyone who is looking to uplevel their lives and invest in themselves. 

Leticia is so friendly, warm and a pleasure to talk to. She'll make you feel at ease and like nothing you say is silly (even when it feels like it is)! I think coaching is great for making yourself accountable to someone else other than yourself and take bigger leaps in your life than you would otherwise. 

I was drawn to Leticia because of her particular focus on feminine energy, which I know realise I was lacking massively before starting my journey with her. It's so interesting to learn more about yourself and become a better version of yourself out in the world. I'd also recommend coaching with Leticia for anyone that is feeling uninspired in their current circumstances and needs a helping hand - Leticia is your woman!”

 - Ella Ryder 


_Leticia is an absolute pleasure and joy to work with. She radiates so much love and light and when you hop off the phone with you, you'll seriously have the most aligned and juicy day! What I adore most about Letici (1).png

The workshop has given me confidence

"I enjoyed listening to Leticia and Kelly’s outlooks on topics like abundance and who you share your dreams with. I enjoyed the way the meeting was set up with a nice sized group. Money stories was very useful along with Leticia’s worksheet.

The workshop has given me confidence to take some steps which I was holding back from doing because of unconscious beliefs which came to awareness during the workshop.

Thank you ladies - talking and listening within a group like this is very powerful for increasing your level of belonging and preparing yourself to take those next brave steps."

- Lowri Drakley