CLB 009 : creating the best environment to discover & show up for our purpose

You've heard all the fuss about finding your purpose and you just want to know how to get started? 

Environment is everything and many of us, in today's fast paced, action focussed world are not fostering the best environment to meet our purpose.  We are doing it all wrong! 

In this episode of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast, I am walking you through how to create the best environment to discover & show up for your purpose. 

And beautifully, this episode coincides with International Women's Day - so you can rest assured that we tie in some feminine love too!

in this episode, find out about:

  • The best environment for discovering & showing up for our purpose

  • The importance of creating time & space 

  • Why creativity is so important

  • The Create a Life that is Beautiful philosophy

  • Feminine vs masculine energy

  • How purpose makes our life easier

  • Intuition and it's role 

  • Subconscious blocks & the upper limit problem

  • Why holidays are so important 

  • Receiving 

  • Time scarcity and why we need to shift that perspective

.... AND so much more!

“Purpose gives us a framework to live within. It makes life easier, not harder.  And it also makes life better."

"To discover our purpose we need to create the right environment that gives us the time & space to receive the download and also to act on it most effectively."


show notes

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