CLB 002: Anoushka Florence of The Goddess Space - Building a Spiritual Haven

In our first interview on the Create a Life that is Beautiful podcast, I am speaking with  Anoushka Florence of The Goddess Space.

The Goddess Space is a physical and online sacred space that Anoushka facilitates for women to join in circle with one another and connect to their truth. 

I first met Anoushka in about August 2017.  I had heard about her beautiful space where women could go and connect to their inner goddess, their inner wise woman and I knew I had to find out what The Goddess Space was all about. 

At this time I was looking for a spiritual oasis I could go and connect with other like minded souls. I must admit though I was nervous going, at that stage I hadn't really began to explore spirituality in the presence of others.  Nevertheless I followed the call from my intuition and I signed up for her Secret Sharing Circle. 

I had no idea what to expect, but as I entered The Goddess Space that Monday evening a calmness took over me and I knew I was being guided.  I sat in circle with 12 other women as we shared some of our deepest fears and desires.  The space was safe, beautiful, clear and that was where I experienced for the first time the power of when women gather in circle holding space for one another.  Since then I have returned to The Goddess Space about once per month because I love it! 


  • How Anoushka shifted from working in event management to following a calling to create her very own spiritual haven
  • The importance of creating space both externally and internally
  • What your shadow side is and how to coexist and own it
  • The power of reflection and awareness 
  • The importance of being open & aware to signs, alignment and flow
  • The power of working with the moon, flow, surrender and the present moment
  • The importance of drawing upon both your masculine and feminine energy when it comes to running a business 
  • The power of women in circle and the rise of the divine feminine 
  • Anoushka's advice for beginning a spiritual journey and discovering purpose.

"Work takes on a very different meaning when you are living your purpose, because it is you, it's all of you." - anoushka florence


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