CLB 043: Planning for the New Year, Finding Work We LOVE & Getting ACTIVATED in 2019!

How can we plan for the New Year in the most effective, heart-centred way that inspires us to a) set resolutions we love and b) bring them to life?

In this episode, on the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast I'm sharing how to create a plan you truly want to bring to life & why planning is oh so important when it comes to showing up for your purpose & bringing to life all that you are wanting to call in for 2019!

I also take you though why it's possible + necessary for every single one of us to find work we LOVE!

PLUS I'm sharing with you the details of my brand new 12 Month Online Mentorship: ACTIVATED to help you move forward on your purpose with support, guidance & community for 2019 + beyond!

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in this episode, find out about:

  • My personal planning process for the New Year

  • How to create plans you want to bring to life

  • Why planning is so powerful & necessary

  • How finding work you love supports you & your community

  • The role of commitment

  • Creating a plan aligned with your heart

  • ACTIVATED: A 12 Month Online Mentorship for 2019 + Beyond

  • Who ACTIVATED is for, how it will work & what you’ll walk away with

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show notes

Find out about ACTIVATED: Your 12 Month Online Mentorship for 2019 + Beyond here

ACTIVATED will provide you with the coaching, guidance & community throughout all of 2019 to help you show up for your purpose. We begin on Sunday 6th January 2019.

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