CLB 001: My Journey to Discovering Truth & Unlocking Purpose

Want to uncover your truth & purpose in the world?

Welcome to our very first episode of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast!  This podcast is designed to inspire, empower & support you on the journey of uncovering your truth & purpose in the world. 

On the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast we will hear the stories of some amazing people who have created their life (and work!) doing what they love, enjoy and are inspired by. A life that is truly BEAUTIFUL in their eyes! 

Discover how you too can build a beautiful relationship with both yourself and the world by stepping into your authenticity and sharing your unique gifts and talents.

Your host is Leticia Ringe: Life Coach, Writer and Soulpreneur.

Join us as we talk: Health, Lifestyle, Wellness, Spirituality, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Purpose, Self-Love, and so much more! Experience peace, freedom and fulfillment when you consciously create a life you love, enjoy & are inspired by.

Today, we will be beginning this beautiful journey together with a solo episode with yours truly so that you can get to know me, your host a little better and understand exactly what to expect on the CLB Podcast. 


  • What the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast is all about
  • What to expect on upcoming episodes and why I have created this space 
  • My journey to unlocking truth & purpose 
  • Who this podcast is intended to serve
  • The struggle with discovering purpose 
  • Some awesome resources to get you started on the journey of discovering your purpose & truth in the world, including my 3 favourite affirmations that will help you ease your mind and move forward with confidence. 

This episode is perfect for you if you would love an introduction to the Create a Life that is Beautiful podcast, a better understanding of me and my work, why discovering truth & purpose is so important, as well as some practical tips to get you started. 


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